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    Dislikes: Far too many things to list...
    Hobbies: . . . You seriously don't want to know...
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    Virtues: *smirks*
    Heroes: Whoever invented pirates...


To those of which know who they are.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006, 11:17 PM [Ranting]

Don't ask something of me and not expect it.  You ask for something as distance, and you'll get it.  Don't act surprised or hurt when it happens, because you asked it.  And don't call me a jerk.  If you didn't want it, why the hell did you ask for it?  You ask, I give...  Under any other criteria in your life, that would make a good person, yes?  You ask, I give.  Sounds moral, to me.  If you're fishing for sympathy and tears, then ask for something that would hurt you so that I would feel guilty and give up, you're wrong.  I'm different.  I'm not going to roll over and play dead any longer.  If you ask for something, even expecting sympathy and an apology, you'll get what you ask for, and none of the sympathy.  So, watch what you say...  And you know who you are.  Because of what you asked for, this is the last think I will say to you for a long time... 


Enjoy your break,

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